Erez's Activity

Adaptive Ski Instruction for disabled IDF Vets,  athletes and kids

This unique project was launched in 2004 to use the particular and unique skills of the Alpine Unit to support IDF soldiers disabled by severe injuries, and empower them to overcome the different rehabilitation challenges and improve their physical and personal wellbeing through this sport.  This highly specialized program is run by Erez instructors who are trained locally and abroad in assisted and escorted skiing, and educated in post-trauma, anatomy and other relevant issues.  With highly capable instructors and special equipment customized for amputees, paraplegics and others, this program offers participants of all ages and backgrounds of disability a meaningful experience of personal accomplishment and the opportunity to engage life more actively. Since the beginning of the program, 1000's have taken part in the different adaptive skiing activities.

Blind IDF Veterans Tandem Mountain Bike Group

This program was launched in 2014 to enable groups of athletic blinded in action soldiers to enjoy challenging cross-country biking trails . With special training and designated tandem bikes, our skilled volunteers organize, guide and escort the group on day activity and overnight biking camps throughout the year.  This successful program is now expanding to offer similar activities to children with special needs, who will enjoy the opportunity to view and engage the beautiful trails and landscape, and experience the wonderful outdoors along suitable nature trails and on designated tandem and adaptive bikes.


Embracing Children with Special Needs on Mt. Hermon

We have an especially warm place in our heart for children coping bravely with illness or disability. In coordination with hospitals around the country, Erez embraces children battling cancer and other conditions and brings them to Mt. Hermon for an outdoor day of fun and adventure, and a break from their daily challenge. Their smiles are our reward.

Rescue, Search and Recovery of Missing Hikers

Over the years, Alpine Unit members have volunteered their expertise to locate and extract hikers missing or distressed in extreme weather conditions and mountainous terrain. Recognizing these special skills as a valuable service ultimately led to the formal establishment of Erez, and this activity remains a key part of its work. Today, our on-call volunteers are dispatched on rescue missions throughout the year.