Conquering New Heights - Together

Volunteer veterans of the IDF elite Alpine Unit help disabled soldiers and children with special needs push the limits and overcome challenges with unique adaptive programs run by the Erez Foundation.

Erez Foundation for Search, Rescue & Community  was established in 1999 by former Alpine Unit commander Lt. Col. Shimon Pariente, and a group of friends involved in the fields of search and recovery and survival in extreme snow conditions in both military and civil settings.  In 2005, Shimon Pariente received the army’s Ground Forces Command award in recognition of his work in the unit.  Although its members are army reservists with the Alpine Unit, Erez is an independent civil NGO.

Erez gives back to the community with several dedicated projects, including bringing children with various special needs, disabilities or illnesses to Mt. Hermon for special fun days and snow activities, running assisted ski programs for severely disabled IDF veterans, and empowering both groups through adaptive sports including ski, rowing and tandem cycling. Our volunteers instruct, assist and escort participants throughout the year in activities in Israel and abroad.

Erez volunteers are involved in world-wide search, rescue and recovery missions to retrieve hikers and other persons missing in extreme weather, terrain and snow conditions typically in challenging mountainous geographies. The foundation has also partnered with the department for Blood Platelet Donation at Beilinson Hospital to increase and promote donations for children battling cancer and other illness.

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